Senin, 14 Agustus 2017

That time I was helped by a food vendor

I want to tell you a story from when I was about 7 years old and I was still in the 2nd Grade of elementary school. The story starts as soon as I went home, during elementary school I went home after 1 p.m. I walked out with some group of friends to a nearby field to play football and just hang around. We played football for around an hour and a half. One by one my friends get picked up by their parents until I was only playing with my best friend. But it wasn't long before he was picked up too and I ended up sitting inside a gazebo with some parents and their kids eating siomay (or somay) and there was also the siomay vendor. I was sitting by my lonesome until around 4 p.m without any word from my parents (at the time I did not have a phone). I waited like a lost child, which at the time was quite a correct representation of my situation. Then, the vendor walked up to me, he asked "kid, where are your parents?", I was really sad at the time because I was not picked up by my parents yet so I just shook my head. "Do you know your parents' phone number?", he asked nicely. I nodded and he lent me his cellphone. Actually, I did not remember my parents' phone number, but I did remember the number for the restaurant that they work at. I dialed in the number, and one of my mother's colleague answered. I asked her if my mother or my father was there. She said yes, and called to them. My mother picked up the phone and asked me what's wrong. I just asked where she was, and told her I've been waiting for about 4 hours now. She seemed surprised and immediately apologized. She then proceeds to go with my dad to my school and pick me up. I hung up the phone and thanked the kind somay vendor, and while I was waiting he gave me a free plate of somay to pass the time. Apparently, my mother and father got an unexpected meeting from my grandpa and lost track of time. They said thank you to the somay vendor and gave him money for the plate of somay I got and some more money as thanks for taking care of me. I said goodbye to the somay vendor. To this day I regretted not asking for his name, although I don't know his identity, I will always be grateful for his deeds.
That was the story of how I was helped by a siomay vendor.

Senin, 07 Agustus 2017


A meeting at a library

*Alvito is looking for a book in a library and spots someone*
Alvito: Hello! Are you borrowing a book too?
Marcho: Yeah! I'm borrowing a math book to prepare for the upcoming exam next week.
A: I see. Which class are you from?
M: I am from X Science 3
A: IS your math teacher Mr. Agus?
M: Do you happen to be taught by him too? By the way, my name is Marcho.
A: Mine's Alvito. And yeah, I'm also taught by Mr. Agus as well.
M: Do you have an exam as well?
A: Yeah, I do. I'm looking for a math book too.
*Marcho points at a book*
M: I think that book looks good, check it out!
A: Hmm, yeah. It has a lot of exercises.
M: The explanation is quite easy to understand too.
A: So, are you going to borrow this book?
M: Yeah! I'm going to borrow this book, are you going to borrow it too?
A: Yeah! Good on your exam!
M: Thanks! Good luck to you too.

Senin, 31 Juli 2017

All About Me


My name is Alvito, though I'm usually called by others Alvi or Vito. My mom always said that my name came from a popular TV host named Alfito Deannova from the early 2000s. Anyways, I am currently 15 years old as of this blog post and I am also currently attending Senior High School 3 Bandung. This school is one of the most prestigious senior high schools in Bandung and is one of the hardest to get into through academic means. Though I got here through the academic means, this does not at all speak of my academics or will to study. I love learning but I quite despise studying. I hate learning something or cramming something just for the sake of a test or a grade. I like learning new things that I enjoy or have a passion for. Still, I study social studies and history though I have little interest towards them.
Going away from studying but still in the realm of the mind, I like literature. For me, literature is art, a way of communication and a way to express yourself. Any type of writing can be classified in one of these group or both. I like poems and write some when I have the time. I love reading books, both Indonesian and English, though I prefer English books.
I've always been different when I was growing up in Indonesia because I spoke English more fluently than Indonesian, not anymore though. Since I was born in Bandung Indonesia, I listened to western music, mostly Italian and American music. I would also read these books from an educational test named English Time. That was where I learned to speak, read and write. I also like learning other languages though it's harder now that I have grown up. I have a dream of fluently speaking Mandarin, Arabic, Italian and Japanese.
I also like food and travelling. I am not that good at cooking, but I love eating. It amazes me the many types of cuisine in the world. Which is why I want to travel around the world to try out food from many other places. One of my dreams is to have a job as a food blogger that shows you good, halal food all around the world.
Gaming and technology in general is also one of my hobbies. I like tinkering with my computer and playing games on it. Since technology is a big part of our modern life I think that it's pretty important to learn about these little computers that help shape our world.
I that's is basically me, if you have any questions, be sure to comment them. This is Alvito signing out. Good day.